Alice By Design

I’ve long had a fascination with how to help a space express its soul and reflect the personalities of those who inhabit or use it. When I look at a space for the first time, I inevitably look through the lens of my multicultural background—from the UK, to California, and Hong Kong. I’m passionate about taking cues from a building’s external environment, whether that’s a bustling city, a tranquil coastal setting, or a small town.

I’ve lived in historical houses for much of my life and blending history with modernity is at the heart of many of my projects. I believe that creating harmony—with our lifestyle, our physical location, and the environment of the space itself—is the key to an end result you’ll love. Practically speaking, I love ‘interior’ design – by which I mean, how do you design an interior space to be the most in tune with the flow and needs of your life.

If you’d like help bringing your vision to life – reach out to me at [email protected].